Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Farm Sanctuary, Jason Schwartzman, Babycakes

A short film/PSA from Plate to Planet a Farm Sanctuary project, voiced by vegetarian Jason Schwartzman (whom I love in HBO's Bored to Death. And I've got Scott Pilgrim waiting patiently on my DVR.)

Jason Schwartzman is reportedly a huge fan of vegan bakery Babycakes. Babycakes has two locations, NYC and LA. But never fear, the rest of us can enjoy Babycakes DIY goodies with their two cookbooks. I have yet to try the recipes, but that donut is looking pretty irresistible. Jason is featured in the first cookbook.

And because some days I miss The OC. Hahha. Jason was the drummer for Phantom Planet.

Bonus: Jason Schwartzman's musical nomme de plume, Coconut Records. I like this song...back-up singing from Zooey Deschanel.

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