There are thousands of vegan websites out there. This will just get you started in vegan surfing. Enjoy!


AZ Vegan Facebook Group
Vegan Arizona Meetup Group (Activity Group, Regular Dining Events)
Vegetarian Society of Phoenix (Activity Group, Regular Dining Events)
All4Veg Meetup Group (Still active?)

Happy Cow: Arizona (List of Veg-Friendly Restaurants & Health Food Stores)
AZ Vegan: Dining Out (Restaurant Guide)
Vegan Guide to Eating Around ASU (ASU Dining)

Cherry Bombin' Wear (Vegan Accessories)
Strawberry Hedgehog (Vegan Handmade Bath & Body)
Laughing Giraffe Organics (Raw, Vegan, Gluten-free Foods)
Devil Spice (Food, Recipes, Classes, Catering)
Goth Cupcake Etsy (DIY, Hand-mades, Misc)

AZ Vegan (Calendar and Info for Arizona)
Humane Voters of Arizona (Lists & supports candidates who care about animals and animal protection)

Zonie Vacation Destinations
Vegas Veg- Restaurant Guide
Veg San Diego- Restaurant/Business Guide
Friends of Animals: Southern California Vegan Restaurant Guide



Animal Ingredients List (For Checking Labels)
The Truth Behind Labels (Debunks 'Humane' Labels)
Vegan Ingredients List (Interpreting Recipes)
Vegan Baking (Replacing Non-Vegan Ingredients)
I Can't Believe It's Vegan (Accidentally Vegan Products)
Vegetarian Retailers (Companies Selling Veg Products)
Vegan Dining Out (Vegan Options)

Ecorazzi (Green Gossip)
Super Vegan (Vegan Living, NYC-Focus)
Quarry Girl (LA Vegan Tumblr)
Veg Blogs (Vegan & Vegetarian Blog Tracker)

Vegan Freak Radio (Being Vegan in a NonVegan World)
Our Hen House Podcast

Post Punk Kitchen (PPK)
Chef Chloe
Meet the Shannons
Allyson Kramer's Gluten-Free Vegan Recipes
BitterSweet w/ Hannah Kaminsky
Veg Cooking
Fat Free Vegan
Vegan YumYum
Vegan Dad (Food Blog- ARCHIVES)
Seitan is My Motor (Food Blog- German Influence)
Vegan Lunch Box (Food Blog- Kid Food- ARCHIVES)
Vegan in the Sun (Food Blog- Caribbean Food)
Barnivore (Guide to Vegan Booze)

Happy Cow (List of Veg-Friendly Restaurants & Health Food Stores)
Veg Guide
Vegan Eating Out (National Chains Info)

Vegan Essentials (Large Online Store)
Pangea (Large Online Store)
Food Fight Grocery (Online Store)
Vegan Etsy (Vegan Handmade & Vintage Goods)
Alternative Outfitters (Vegan Boutique)
Viva La Vegan Grocery/Humanitaire (Vegan Boutique)
Zappos (Vegetarian Shoes)
Moo Shoes (Vegan Shoes & Accessories)
Arbonne (Beauty Products)

Girlie Girl Army (Glamazon Green Living)
The Discerning Brute (Fashion, Food, & Etiquette for Men)
The Streets I Know (Vegan Fashion Blog)
Vegan Beauty Review (Vegan Beauty Products)
Cruelty Free Face (Vegan Beauty Products)
Herbivore Clothing (T-Shirts, Plus)
Stella McCartney Designs (Super Fashion)
Vaute Couture (Vegan Coats, Tees, & More)
Matt and Nat (Vegan Accessories)

Travel (Worldwide Restaurant Listing)
Veg Guide (Worldwide Restaurant Listing)
Select Wisely Vegan Cards (Language Translation)
Vegetarian Phrases in World Languages (Foreign Phrases List)
Vegetarian Phrases in Other Languages (Foreign Phrases List)
Air Travel: How to Get What You Want to Eat (Plane Food Info)
International Vegetarian Union (World Service Database)
Circle Our Earth: Vegan Travel (Good Links)
Amazon (Vegetarian and Vegan Travel Book Section)
Vegetarian Guides (Online Bookstore)

Vegan Outreach: Being a Vegan Kid
Veg Kitchen w/Nava Atlas: Veg Kids and Teens
Veg Family Magazine (Vegan Family Issues)
PCRM: Vegetarian Diets for Children: Right From the Start

Caring Consumer (Lists companies that do and do NOT test on animals)
Humane Charity Seal of Approval (Humane Charities)
Suicide Food (Animals in Food Marketing- ARCHIVES)
Teach Kind (Humane Ed Materials & Resources for Educators)
Physicians Committee of Responsible Medicine (Health)
Vegan Health (Health)
Vegan Outreach (Advocacy)
Animal Rights: The Abolitionist Approach (Advocacy)
Compassion Over Killing (Advocacy)
Farm Sanctuary (Advocacy)

International Vegetarian Union: World VegFest: Religion and Vegetarianism (Lots of articles about many faiths)
Veg Blog: Faith Resources (Links to articles on many faiths)
Why Should Christians Be Vegetarians
The Christian Vegetarian Association
Christianity and Vegetarianism: Pursuing the Nonviolence of Jesus
Honoring God's Creation: Christianity and Vegetarianism
A Case for Jewish Vegetarianism
Humane Kosher- Watch the video, If This Is Kosher...
Micah Publications (Jewish Books on Vegetarianism and Animal Rights)
Jewish Veg
Veggie Jews
Isamic Concern