Friday, August 13, 2010

Fashion Friday: Vegan Esty Jewelry

As you know, I was trolling around Vegan Etsy earlier this week. I saw so many good things I had to split them into two posts.

There are some super awesome jewelry pieces on Vegan Etsy that don't have advocacy messages, but they are made with vegan values (no animal products, etc.) and I wanted to share them. So here are some of those treasures.

Live. Laugh. Love. Necklace at LadiesBlend

Beadmaille Mask Headdress at Knightime Creations

Chickadee Necklace at Sparklynn

Indigo Earthbound Necklace at Pink Bubble

Gothic Neo Victorian Bird Skull Ring at Starrlight Jewelry

Gemstone Animal Rosary at Toboggan Hill

Citrine Briolettes and Swarovski Pearl Necklace at Daisys Destash

Sweet Strawberry Cake Slice Ring at Oh Danger

Freeing the Birds at Pink Bubble

Key to My Checkered Heart Earrings at Pink Bubble

Take a Picture Recycled Vinyl Cuff at Jakrandomart

Turquoise Bracelet with Red Stones at Aimee Dars Designs

LEGO Bat Earrings at Starrlight Jewelry

Maya Flowers at Pink Bubble

Gothika Lolita Noir Cameo Poison Ring at Starrlight Jewelry
(I think this one is my fave!!)


girl least likely to said...

yay! sparklynn is a dear friend of mine! :)

Missantrhopics said...

That bird skull ring is HOT.

Kenike said...

gllt: Yeah, I think I've featured something of hers before. :)

M- I knew you'd like that. :)

Anonymous said...

I have a thing for cameo jewelry- which is totally different from my style (if you can call the way I dress style)

But I love that cameo too! it's perfect, not to fuzzy, but still with the same cameo aesthic. very cool