Thursday, June 6, 2013

Giovanni Powder Power Dry Shampoo

I'm fairly new to the dry shampoo game. But after hearing about how awesome dry shampoos can be from my hairstylist I went looking for a vegan one. I found Giovanni's Powder Power Dry Shampoo from their Eco Chic Hair Care line. And I absolutely love it!

It's wonderful for those days when you can't get your hair washed with traditional shampoos or you need to soak up a little extra oil and increase the volume. I don't always like to wash my hair every day, and I've found this powder is perfect for those days. It definitely delivers in the extra shine and volume department, and I've had many a really good hair day from this product.

Camping season is in full swing, and I can see how this will be an awesome and convenient product when showers are not quite an option but your hair needs a little cleaning and maintenance. It's great for traveling in general.

It's so easy to use! Just apply the powder to your roots, massage it into your scalp and hair, and then brush it through. The powder is bright white, and some people with darker hair feel it leaves their roots a little ashy looking. I've also noticed that since my hair is dark brown, but I just rub it in more and spread it out, and that usually does the trick.

The product says it is for all hair types, but I only know how it works on mine which is brunette, color-treated, fine and straight. So, you'll have to give it a go yourself and let me know how it works.

Giovanni Powder Power Dry Shampoo

Rating: *****

***** awesome! Highly recommended.
**** hey, this is pretty dang good.
*** not bad at all.
** eh.
* bad. Keep looking for alternatives.

[I got my Giovanni Powder Power Dry Shampoo at Whole Foods, but you can supposedly find it at Target, CVS, Wal-Mart, Sprouts, Ulta, and of course, online.]

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