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Bragg's Factory Diner, Phoenix, AZ

Bragg's Factory Diner's Flatiron Front Door
Bragg's Factory Diner is the latest of the all-vegetarian restaurants to hit Phoenix. Located off Grand Avenue in a one story flat-iron building, this cute diner itself is pretty dang small, but there is plenty of parking. So keep in mind, peak diner hours might include a little wait if you hit the rush. That said, I was there on a Sunday during brunch with a couple of friends and we were seated right away.

The diner is full of fun kitschy salt and pepper shakers and mismatched vintage dinnerware, which gives it a cozy and welcoming vibe. The art on the walls is a nod to the history of Phoenix, with lots of old photos from residents and a giant painting near the registers featuring some of our more famous icons and residents.

clockwise from front left: Frank Lloyd Bite, Koo-Koo-Pancakes, The Classic, Side Biscuit & Gravy (part of Frank Lloyd Bite)
Bragg's is a vegetarian diner serving breakfast (all day) and lunch. Breakfast includes entrees like coconut curry waffles, cinnamon ginger French toast, banana pancakes, scrambles, soyrizo breakfast burritos, and hash browns. And lunch includes tasties like the eggplant "bacon', lettuce and tomato; the portabello reuben, the beet burger, and a kale salad. But they all have much more clever names like the Frank Lloyd Bite, which is what I had (two pancakes, hash browns, eggplant "bacon", & a side biscuit & gravy).

Frank Lloyd Bite (minus the Side Biscuit & Gravy)

I really liked the pancakes, they so hit the spot. I dislike eggplant, but I wanted to try it anyway because it sounded so interesting. It was okay, very edible for eggplant. The one person in our party who liked eggplant enjoyed it. The hash browns were hash browns, so nothing fancy there, but delicious as usual. I'm not big on biscuits and gravy, this one had a poblano gravy, but I think if you like those things you would really like these. I'd eat it again, but it wouldn't be my first choice.

Side Biscuit & Gravy (smaller version of Bwiscuits & Gravy entrée)

I sampled the Koo-Koo Bananas Pancakes that my friend order and it was really good. The side of fruit that came with it was fresh and ripe which I really appreciated even though it wasn't even my meal! I begged some forkfuls of another friend's Classic scramble which was pretty good but not my favorite entrée that day.

Koo-Koo Bananas Pancakes with Side of Fruit

The Classic

My friends agreed they would come back and make this place a part of their regular rotation. And I am definitely going back because I want to try those coconut curry waffles that I hear such good things about and the French toast which is one of my favorite foods.

And of course they serve PIE, they are a diner and housed in the old Bragg's Pie Factory building afterall. Plus donuts and other pastries, and they all rotate in a little display case as any proper diner would host.

Diner Seating and Dessert/Pastry Spinner
Alright, so give this place a try and let me know what you think! Check out Bragg's Instagram for a deeper look at their goodies.

They now serve dinner and have extended hours which have been updated below.

Bragg's Factory Diner
Ranking: ****

***** awesome! Highly recommended.
**** hey, this is pretty dang good.
*** not bad at all.
** eh.
* bad. Keep looking for alternatives.

Bragg's Factory Diner
1301 NW Grand Ave (Grand Ave runs diagonally across the Phoenix grid)
Phoenix, AZ 85007

Tuesday - Thursday 7am to 9pm
Friday - Saturday 7am to 10pm
Sunday 7am to 2pm

Bragg's Factory Diner from the Parking Lot

Girl and Foxes Mural (on a nearby building)
Recycle Mural in Bragg's Factory Diner Parking Lot

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So excited to have another all veg place! It's a little far from my neck of the woods, but I am def going to try it. Thanks for the review!