Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Kenike's Veg*n Restaurant Wish List

I am completely jealous of Kristin at Will Travel for Vegan Food. The kind of jealousy, greed, and gluttonous feelings that could lead one to the dark side. But not the dark side forever, I know I would be able to cross back with the right Jedi assistance.

Anyway, thinking about Kristin's year of hitting every single vegan restaurant in the USA had me thinking. Maybe I can't do this trip, but I can pick a few must-eat-at, bucket-list places to visit. I thought I'd share my top restaurants-to-visit list. Of course, each of these places is outside of Arizona, because it's an easy assumption that I will visit all of the vegetarian/vegan restaurants here in short order.
So, not in any particular order...

1. Madeleine Bistro, Tarzana, CA

2. Millenium, San Francisco, CA

3. The Chicago Dinner, Chicago, IL

4. Candle79, New York City, NY

5. Spiral Diner, Dallas/Fort Worth, TX

6. The Fixin' To, Portland, OR

7. The Wynn, Las Vegas, NV

8. Seabirds Truck, Orange County, CA

9. Dirt Candy, New York City, NY

10. Shojin, Los Angeles, CA

11. Portobello Vegan Trattoria, Portland, CA

Posthumous Honorable Mention: The VegiTerranean, Akron, OH
Sadly, Chrissie Hynde's vegan restaurant, The VegiTerranean, closed. It was a place I really wanted to try.

::takes a respectful moment::


So, people, what is on your list, or perhaps more importantly, what should I add to mine?


Anonymous said...

You definitely need to add Karyn's On Green in Chicago. I was surprised and delighted when I ate there the last time I was in Chicago how elegant and delicious everything was. It doesn't get the buzz that a lot of other places do, but it should!

Kenike said...

Alright! I have heard of the various Karyn's before. I think that if I get to Chicago, I will be sampling as many places as possible. I have a friend that lives near there so it's looking quite possible!