Monday, October 3, 2011

Jorge Garcia, Actor, Chihuahua Rescuer

Jorge Garcia
Jorge Garcia, of Lost fame, has been a vegetarian for some time and this summer he announced he went vegan. Hopefully it's working out for him, though I haven't seen a lot about it since. And about a year ago he rescued two super cute chihuahuas named, Pip and Smidge, from a rescue organization in California, Cuddly Canines. So much awesomeness!

I've been missing Lost recently, but I'm excited for Jorge's new show, Alcatraz, which looks like it could be just as myserious, and with an island. I think it's coming mid-season sometime, and will likely air on Mondays 8pm, Arizona time. Here's the trailer. Will you be watching?

Wait, this is Vegan Mofo. I'm supposed to talk about vegan food. Ok, Jorge makes his own almond milk and has step-by-step instructions on his blog, check it out. And I am completely jealous he got to visit VooDoo Doughnut in Portland; they have a complete line of vegan donuts. Oh, Portland, one of these days!

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