Friday, July 29, 2011

Mellow Mushroom, Phoenix, AZ

Mellow Mushroom - Phoenix/Happy Valley
Finally made it to the Mellow Mushroom for some vegan pizza!

I ordered the Mega Veggie with Daiya vegan cheese to replace the feta and mozzarella, and it came with: sun-dried tomatoes, spinach, green peppers, mushrooms, onions, black olives, roma tomatoes, broccoli, banana peppers, artichoke hearts, and tofu. Talk about loaded. No skimping here. And a yummy crust. It was excellent. I highly recommend it.

They are definitely vegan friendly, with tofu, BBQ tofu, and tempeh plus heaps of fruits and veggies and the Daiya for a build your own vegan pizzza. Not to mention the bruschetta, hoagies, and calzones that can be made vegan as well. Nice!

Mega Veggie with Daiya Vegan Cheese
This is a national chain and we have two locations here in Arizona. I visited the Phoenix location, but there is also a new one in Tempe on Mill Avenue. Check them out (and check out their super late hours! Late night pizza run, absolutely!

Note: Both locations in Arizona offer vegan options, but double check the locations in other states to make sure you can get the Daiya, etc.

Mellow Mushroom - Happy Valley/Phoenix
Ranking: *****

***** awesome! Highly recommended.
**** hey, this is pretty dang good.
*** not bad at all.
** eh.
* bad. Keep looking for alternatives.


Mellow Mushroom - Happy Valley/Phoenix
2490 W. Happy Valley Rd
Phoenix, AZ 85085
(623) 580-1111

Daily 10:30am - 2am


Wes Novack said...

WARNING: They have told me that the hoagie breads are not vegan.

From an email I received from them:

My name is Blake Farbman. I am the General Manager for our North Phoenix location. I have spoken with some of our chefs and my Kitchen Manager. Here are some of the options we have come up with for you:


Hummus appetizer with carrots and celery

Portabello Appetizer with Daya Vegan Cheese (No Mozzarella)

Bruschetta with Daya Cheese (No Feta)


Veggie Sandwich wrapped in Romaine Lettuce Leaf

(Veggies: Avocado, Sun Dried Tomatoes, Artichoke, Spinach, Green Pepper, Sprouts, Kalamata Olives, Black Olives, Yellow Onion, Red Onion, Plum Tomatoes, Portabello Mushroom, and Sliced Button Mushrooms)

Tempeh Sandwich wrapped in Romaine Leaf

Avocado Sandwich wrapped in Romaine Leaf


Pretty much any pizza without meat substituted with Daya Cheese

Regarding the hoagie breads:
They are not vegan. They contain dairy products as well as our pita bread.

nicklovin said...

Bummer about the pita and the hoagie. Anybody know about the vegan-ness of their calzones?

Wes Novack said...

@nicklovin their pizza crust is vegan, so assuming they use the pizza dough for the calzones (very likely), then I'm sure you could whip up a cheese-free vegan calzone order from them.

Kenike said...

Hmm. Sorry! I must have some misinformation about that tempeh hoagie. There were some other reliable vegan bloggers and the, admittedly regarding locations in other states, that mentioned a vegan tempeh hoagie. The MM website also mentions vegan hoagies in broad terms on the vegan info page. ::Shrug:: But things change, and I am sure your info is correct. Thanks, Wes. I will edit the post.

AzVegan did confirm the dough and sauce used for the pizza is the same as that for the calzone at the Phoenix location. So a calzone would be another option.

Sonia said...

I was there awhile ago and haven't gotten around to reviewing it yet - glad you got there! I like Zpizza a bit better, but it's a great stopping place for us on the way to hockey games!

Wes Novack said...

Update: I had MellowMushroom double check with their hoagie roll provider (WildFlower) and it turns out, they are actually vegan. Don't know why they told me that they contained dairy before checking on them the first time I asked.

"Just checked with Wildflower Bakery and our bread options are all Vegan except for our pitas. "