Monday, August 9, 2010

Vegan Etsy

I did a little surfing on Vegan Etsy and found some cool goodies. Check 'em out. (Just click the image for the shop and more product info).

Vegan Bacon Chocolate Bar at Chocoagogo

Nautical Pinwheel Ruffle Headband at Monkey and Squirrel

Pistachio Green Scarf at Knits by Nat

Apple Cinnamon Beastie Biscuits at Uber Duper Creations

Adenture Begins Notebook from Vegancraftastic

Magic Unicorn- Original Vinyl Painting by My ZoeTrope

Seahorse Fan Pull by Starrlight Jewelry

Peanut Butter White Chocolate Chip Cookies at Panda with Cookie Bakes

Bondage Bunny at Goth Cupcake

Rico & Diego Clay Figures at Veganosaurus

Gourmet White Chocolates at Sweet Fritsy


Missantrhopics said...

Bondage Bunny LOL! These are awesome. Love the Rico and Diego figures too.

Kenike said...

Wait til you see some of the jewelry on there!