Saturday, July 10, 2010


I'm not sure how much was made at the Vegan Bake Sale today, but I can say that at 11am, it was bustling! And it stayed busy for at least an hour solid while I was there. I was even worried about grabbing up some goodies for myself before they disappeared. Great turnout!

Below are samples of today's baked goods from the Charity Vegan Bake Sale... my treasure! I'm gonna try to get the names right, but I didn't make any of these, so I'm guessing based on what I heard others call them. I haven't tried them yet, but I am so looking forward to a day or two of gluttony. Mmmmmm.

clockwise from top left: dried bing cherries covered in chocolate,
jelly donut cupcake, petit four, gluten free mocha latte cupcake.

clockwise from top left:  peanut butter cookies, blueberry
crumbcake, almond butter cookie, cookies n cream cupcake


Tracy said...

I didn't grab a rocky road cookie! waaah! Your goodies were amazing and you're getting compliments on my facebook for your carrot cake :c) Thanks for your hard work and gorgeous pictures.

We raised $1,114!

Anonymous said...

Oh those look so yummy!

Missantrhopics said...

Oh latte cup cake!

Kenike said...

Tracy- Oh, I can make those cookies any old time. Just give me a reason... :)

Rissa- They were yummy!!

Miss- I am not a fan of mocha or coffee or coffee-flavored foods, and generally avoid them but I wanted to try something from Treehouse Vegan Bakery! That cupcake was still delicious even with the added challenge of being gluten free!

Anonymous said...

We had the almond butter cookie too - it was great. Too many options to pick from!