Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Vegan Condoms

Yeah, I know, you probably didn't even think condoms would be an issue for those of us concerned about animal welfare. Unfortunately, many latex condoms are processed with casein, a milk protein, and some have been tested on animals. Wait, I mean, some come from companies where they test the ingredients on animals. But there are vegan condoms out there to avoid all that. The downside is that most of them are hard to find except online.

But brand new to the market and hopefully arriving in local stores around October, is Sir Richard's Condom Company. Their product will be certified 100% vegan, and they will be working towards 100% biodegradable, Fair Trade-certified latex. (Sir Richard's says, "Latex condoms are 100% biodegradable but not if they end up in our Oceans or waterways, so be sure never to flush them!") Unfortunately the FDA has regulations that still require individual Mylar wrappers, which are not recyclable, but the cardboard boxes will be recyclable and, in the future, could be embedded with wildflower seeds.

What's truly great about this company is not only do they have a vegan and eco-friendly approach, but they are taking a page from the TOMS Shoes business model. "For every Sir Richard's condom bought, we donate one condom to a country in need." They will be planning condom "drops" in Uganda, Thailand, and Haiti.

Sir Richard's in:
Boulder Daily Camera


Other vegan condom brands available and where you can find them:
Glyde Health Condoms - Cosmos Vegan Shoppe, Vegan Essentials, The Sensual Vegan, Different Daisy

RFSU Condoms from Sweden- Vegan Essentials, The O!Zone, Babeland

Condomania Condoms- Secret Society of Vegans (USA)

Fusion Condoms- Official Site (UK), Vegan Health and Beauty (UK)

And for those of you with a latex allergy:
Glyde Health Natural Sensation Non-Latex Condoms- Vegan Essentials

Other vegan-formulated condoms (but not registered with vegan certifying groups):
Durex Avanti Ultima (Polyisoprene non-latex)- most stores that sell condoms
Pasante Naturelle, Ribbed, Flavours, Extra, Xtra Sensitive, Large, Trim, and Delay- Official Site (UK)


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