Thursday, June 24, 2010

Ferdinand the Bull...and Bullfighting

I mentally keep track of the childrens books that have messages I want to share with kids. And I do love the story of Ferdinand the Bull by Munro Leaf. Ferdinand inspires readers to be true to oneself, and that it's ok to want to "smell the flowers" instead of fighting. Ferdinand is just so zen the way he refuses to be antagonized by the matador!

Of course, it's a kid's story so the realities of bullfighting are completely glossed over, and Ferd lives happily ever after. Plus the other bulls are portrayed as actually WANTing to fight at the bullfights, which is so not realistic. A happy ending for these bulls wouldn't happen in real life since sadly all bulls at bullfights are killed, win or lose.

(Hey, I should totally be doing book reviews for VegBooks.)

The good news is bullfighting is progressing to extinction. In 2004, Barcelona deemed itself an anti-bullfighting city, and 38 other Catalan cities, towns and villages have done the same. And according to the LA Times Article apparently Catalonia is considering a complete ban of bullfighting.

"Regional lawmakers are expected to decide soon whether to abolish bullfighting once and for all here in Catalonia. Signs indicate they'll vote yes, which would make this northeastern coastal region the first on the Spanish mainland to approve such a ban."

Here's hoping! You can sign PETA's petition to stop the running of the bulls and the bullfights in Pamplona as well as send a letter to the Mayor of Pamplona, here. The Festival of San Fermin, which is when the running of the bulls occurs, as well as bullfights, starts in just a couple of weeks on July 6th in Pamplona.

USA Today Article
PETA Factsheet

Back to Ferdinand...I love the name Ferdinand...

Here Seth Rogen reads the story to the crowd with the Salastina Music Society's musical accompaniment. [via Ecorazzi]

And here is the Disney animated short...this is where I first experienced the story of Ferdinand. I'd love to see an update of this with Seth narrating (and ad-libbing to his heart's content)!

Edited to add a PETA PSA from Charo about bullfighting. It can get a little graphic, and is muy triste (very sad).

Charo speaks out against bullfighting.
Find out more at

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