Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Humane Voters of Arizona

Humane Voters of Arizona (HVA) is an all volunteer, non-partisan group that helps gather information on candidates running for office and their stances on animal rights and welfare issues. They select and support the candidates who care about animal protection for each election. Not only does HVA share their recommendations for humane candidates on their website, they also share each candidate's history and responses to their questionnaires.

There's not a lot of current information on the HVA website at the moment. They are actually looking for volunteers in each district to distribute the HVA questionnaire to candidates for the 2010 State Legislature election.The goal is to let the candidates know that you live in their district, care about animals, and that a candidate’s position on animal issues will sway your vote.

As we get closer to the election, and once this information is collected, they will share everything on the HVA website.

Just in case you are not registered to Vote in Arizona, you can do so online, as long as you have an Arizona Driver's License. Click the below link and follow the instructions. Voter Registration Applications must be completed 29 days prior to an election in order to be 'registered to vote in that election.'

Register to Vote in Arizona

[This application must be completed by July 26, 2010 in order to vote in the August 24, 2010 election (primaries).]

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