Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Healthy Voyager

Thanks to VegNews Magazine, I stumbled across the The Healthy Voyager. I'm kind of surprised I had never heard of the website or its founder, Carolyn Scott-Hamilton, before. I am a travel nut and love travel shows, so I especially love Carolyn's travel videos focusing on her vegan-friendly finds. The Healthy Voyager is more than a vegan travel blog, it's a huge brand and Carolyn is dabbling in just about everything regarding healthy and vegan lifestyles. She's got blogs, podcasts, a radio show, recipes, product reviews, celebrity interviews, etc. It's actually a little overwhelming.

Most recently she is pitching her idea to Oprah for a healthy/vegan travel show. I love this idea and hope it is chosen, so go vote for her. And if she doesn't win, I am sure Carolyn plans to keep traveling the world and giving us tips about how to do it healthy/vegan style.

Below are two of her travel episodes, Savannah, GA and Kenya.

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