Friday, April 9, 2010

Fashion Friday: Vegan

I love Fashion Friday! Ok, today I'm highlighting shirts that bring attention to veganism and avoiding cruelty with a plant-based diet. These are some really great shirts!

Boycott Cruelty. Go Vegan [trashrags]

No Animals Harmed Girl (Boy) [Vaute Couture ]

Vulcans are Vegan [Peta]

Vegan Detroyed Tank [trashrags]

Herbivore Bunny [Herbivore]

I Be Rockin' Em Beets [trashrags]

I don't eat animals. [tippitappi]

Raw Vegan: Rebel With a Cause [Radiant Reality]

(Some shirts are available in unisex, men's, women's, juniors, plus sizes, and children's sizes. I only display one shirt as a representative of the style. Please see the websites for available size and style/color options.)


Rissa said...

I love the beets one and the no animals were harmed in the making of this girl one. Funny, get the message across without being all judgemental.

I wonder if the girl in the first pic used vegan ink for her tattoos.

Kenike said...

yup! the non-judgmental shirts are my fave.

the first girl could be just a model. no way of knowing unless we ask the etsy shop owner. but vegan ink does exist!