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Vegan Hair Color

Beauty products in general are not my area of expertise. I don’t try a lot of new products once I find something I like, and I tend to be rather low-key in this area. But I do get my hair colored periodically, and I must confess I have no idea if the hair color products my stylist has been using are vegan or not. Unfortunately, I just didn’t think to ask. So recently when I was asked for some information on local hair salons that use vegan hair color, I had no idea how to answer.

So I did some research for us both. And the good news is that professional vegan hair color is not as hard to find as I thought it might be.

Salon Products
First, both Aveda and Paul Mitchell are cruelty-free companies and have mostly vegan lines . A few products have silk protein, honey, or beeswax, so watch out for those. If you go to their main websites you can locate a nearby salon by inputting your zip code. And then you can call the salon and verify they have the vegan products you want. The best part about these two lines is that they are very mainstream and fairly abundant in local salons.

Perhaps a lesser well-known vegan-friendly salon product is Organic Color Systems. Organic Color Sytems is entirely vegan, so if you find a salon that uses these products, you’re good to go. Just remember that some salons use one brand for colors and another brand to shampoo and condition your hair, so you’ll want to make sure that any other products they are using on you are also vegan.

There are a few local salons that I found using Organic Color Systems. I suspect these are just a sampling. You can also visit the Organic Color Systems website and fill out one of their contact forms and they will send you information on a salon near you.

*Cheveux Hair Designs uses Organic Color Systems (vegan, organic) and Pureology products which are also entirely vegan. [Mesa]

*Duncan Salon uses Organic Color Systems (vegan, organic). I don’t know what other hair styling products they use. [Phoenix]

*Honeycomb Organic Hair Studio is vegan-owned and uses Organic Color Systems (vegan, organic) and they use vegan styling products. [Phoenix]

I saw a couple of websites make reference to the All-Nutrient Haircolor as a vegan product. I was unable to substantiate this on the manufacturer's website, and I tried contacting them via email but did not hear back so I cannot confirm this. They also don't list a salon-finder for All-Nutrient, however I know that Pin-Ups Salon in Phoenix uses the All-Nutrient Haircolor and they list the product as vegan. However, their other hair products from Iden International use a lot of bee products. Pin-Ups Salon is a green salon and might have alternatives and would be worth a call to investigate.

Vegan-Friendly Professional Hair Color Products
*Aveda (double check for products with honey and beeswax)
*Paul Mitchell (double check for products with honey, silk protein, and beeswax)
*Organic Color Systems (100% vegan, organic)

*All-Nutrient Haircolor (??)

Of course, if you have a beloved regular hair stylist who currently uses non-vegan products, I bet in most cases they would be willing to order in a few special products for you. Just ask.

And then for the do-it-yourselfers out there, there are additional options.

DIY 100% Vegan Hair Color Products
*Manic Panic (mostly punk colors) [Sally Beauty Supply, Hot Topic]
*Advanced Cosmetic Technologies [Whole Foods, Online]
*Naturtint [Pangea, Whole Foods]
*Herbatint [Online]
*Lush Brand Hennas [Lush @Scottsdale Fashion Square, Online]
*JASON Color Enhancing Shampoos (black, brown, blonde, red) & Color Sealant Conditioner [Online]

You can keep up-to-date on cruelty-free and vegan friendly products with Caring Consumer’s website. There are a few more hair color products there that I did not explore, if you want to see what else might be available.

Caring Consumer: Main Site , Hair Color Products

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