Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Staying Vegan

I recently mentioned that Grant Butler of The Oregonian and Oregon Live was going vegan for the month of February. I also mentioned my concern that he might decide he couldn't be a food and arts writer and remain vegan. Well, for now, my concern was unnecessry. Grant just informed us readers that he is staying vegan and that was the intent all along. Seems like he did what I did; gave himself a month-long trial just to see how it went and then liked it so much that he just kept going.

His blurb:
After 28 days, a one-time carnivore decides to stick with veganism since the cooking and dining out have been fun, and the physical benefits -- weight loss, better sleep, more energy -- are overwhelming.

Check out the whole post on his decision to stay vegan.

He won't be posting about it as frequently, but I am sure he will still have interesting things to say about being a new vegan periodically.

Grant Butler at Oregon Live: Going and Staying Vegan

All I can say is KUDOS, Grant. And I gotta get me to Portland to check out all the amazing vegan food!

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