Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Recipe Round-up: Irish Fare

There are some good vegan Irish food recipes around the webosphere. Here are a few places to go and what you can find.

Colcannon is basically mashed potatoes and cabbage, with many variations. Several vegan colcannon recipes use kale instead of 'cabbage'. I think it is because vegans have discovered how tasty kale is, and how good for you it is too. I do love kale, and technically it is a form of cabbage, plus wiki says kale is closer to wild cabbage than most of our domesticated ones.

Aol Recipes showcases this Vegan Irish Colcannon.

The Innocent Primate Vegan Blog has another kale version of Colcannon which looks mighty tasty!

Vegan Yum Yum also has a kale Colcannon, and adds some seitan bits too.

Irish Colcannon- Recipe from Vegan Yum Yum

Boxty is basically Irish potato pancakes that can be made a number of ways, on the griddle like a crepe/pancake, in a pan like a cast-iron one or dutch oven, or like a dumpling. I LOVE potato pancakes.

Traditional Boxty aka Irish Potato Pancakes from HubPages. Remember to use Earth Balance non-dairy Margarine to replace the butter in this one.

Another variation on the boxty, Your Vegan Mom has a recipe for Boxty on the Griddle with Tofu Bacon, Asparagus, and a Mustardy Cream Sauce.

Vegweb has a Boxty recipe as well. You can do a quick search of their recipe database for "Irish" and come up with a bunch of recipes, or type in something specific like Soda Bread to find what you are looking for.

Vegan Appetite has Irish Lamb Stew Veganized and Soda Bread that you might be interested in.

Got No Milk created an Irish Seitan Beef Soup.

Vegcooking.com, one of my favorite recipe sites, can help you make: "Steak" and Sout Pie, Colcannon, Brown Bread, Irish Whiskey Cake, and Irish Coffee.

Bryanna Clark Grogan, author of 8 vegan cookbooks and co-author of more, has put together a Country-style Vegan St. Patrick's Day Dinner with recipes for: Vegan St. Patrick's Day Soup, Simple Irish-style Vegan Baked Mushrooms, Irish Baked Parsnips, Irish Apple Mashed Potatoes and "Bacon", Irish Soda Bread, and Vegan Irish Oatmeal-Apple Crumble with Whiskey Cream Sauce.

Bryanna also posted some other Irish recipes on her blog: Vegan Irish Stew, Colcannon, and Irish Apple Bread Pudding with Brown Sugared Whiskey Sauce and Vegan Poured Custard.

The Vegetarian Scoiety has some vegetarian versions of these Irish dishes: Colcannon, Champ, St. Patrick's Soup, Boxty, and Soda Bread. Of course, these aren't entirely vegan so you'll have to use egg replacers, non-dairy milks, and Earth Balance.

Fat-Free Vegan Kitchen has a bunch of great looking Irish recipes: Colcannon Puffs, Dublin Coddle with Vegan Irish Sausages, Irish White Bean and Cabbage Stew, and Vegan Corned Beef and Cabbage, Roasted Potatoes, and Soda Bread.

About.com has a full menu of ideas as well: Potato and Leek Soup, Happy Irish Beer Bread, Vegetarian "Beef" and "Guinness" Stew with Seitan, Colcannon, Vegan Irish Coffee, Irish Apple Mash, and Vegan Irish Whiskey Cake. Don't forget Guinness is NOT vegan, so you'll need to use another Irish beer. Double-check which Irish beers and whiskeys are vegan.

IrishVegetarian.com has recipes for Potato Cakes (aka Boxty), Colcannon, Stuffed Peppers, Puy Lentils & Rice, and Curried Nut Roast. These recipes also require substitutions for non-dairy milk, non-dairy cheeses, non-dairy margarine, and egg replacers.

Planning to make Shamrock-shaped sugar cookies like moi? Well, instead of using a chemical food coloring, maybe try using some avocado to color the icing. What an interesting idea, no?

Were you one of the poor souls lamenting the fact that Baileys isn't vegan? Well, there are a few homemade recipes on the webosphere. Vegweb has one (be sure to read all the comments before attempting). And this one was found on the PPK forums, I'm just not sure who it belongs to originally.

Vegan Bailey's Irish Creme
1 can coconut milk
2 tbs brown sugar
2 tbs chocolate syrup
2 tsp vanilla extract
3/4 cup whisky

Whisk it all together with a whisk. Do not let it froth. Keep refrigerated in a dark bottle.

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