Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Rudi's Organic Bakery Multigrain Oat Bread

I can be picky about the kind of bread I like. I try my hardest to avoid high fructose corn syrup, which is a big-time ingredient in 90% of breads in regular grocery stores. So, when I first went vegan, I was quite relieved and happy to find Rudi's Organic Bakery. They don't use any high fructose corn syrup, or many of the other chemicals and artificial ingredients you will find in most processed breads. That said, I generally only like my bread medium-healthy. I don't particularly care for the dry, grainy, super mega-healthy breads out there, at least not for sandwiches. Rudi's is perfect for me.

My favorite bread for sandwiches and toast is Rudi's Multigrain Oat Bread. Super yum. The Multigrain Oat is pictured above with Whole Food's delicious deli creation, Vegan Sonoma Chik'n Salad made with Gardein. I love that stuff, and this was my lunch today. Beautemous.

Rudi's Organic Bakery has many other kinds of sandwich breads, but I don't actually try them unless my fave Multigrain Oat is out of stock. In fact, I just tried their Nut & Oat Bread this past week for that very reason, and I liked it very well indeed. They also have wraps, hot dog buns, hamburger buns, English muffins, and bagels.

According to their website, "Rudi's Organic breads are vegan with the exception of the following varieties that contain honey: Honey Sweet Whole Wheat, European Multigrain, Spelt Tortillas and Whole Spelt Tortillas."

I highly recommend Rudi's Organic Bakery for, well, everyone. It's the best vegan bread that is most similar to what you probably grew up on, and it is far healthier than most of those mainstream brands.

Ranking: *****

***** awesome! Highly recommended.
**** hey, this is pretty dang good.
*** not bad at all.
** eh.
* bad. Keep looking for alternatives.

[Rudi's Organic Bakery can be found at Sprouts and Whole Foods.]


girl least likely to said...

rudi's bread is good stuff. it's super-expensive around here, though, and i go through bread pretty quickly, so i usually only buy it if it's on sale. that said, i do like the whole foods brand (365, i guess) bread... the mighty multigrain is "medium healthy" by my standards ;) and i eat that one regularly. i also really like the sourdough.

Kenike said...

They're based out of Boulder, Co, so maybe they are less expensive here since we're closer. Although, I can't even say I remember how much they cost. I'm not always very good about watching the food costs and budget. But I've also been trying to eat other grain products instead of just bread all the time. I am such a bread girl, but I've been really limiting it, and trying more quinoa, couscous, farro (spelt), and rice.

I might have to check out the 365 stuff next time. I have to eat sourdough in moderation and it's definitely more of a soup bread for me. Thanks for the heads-up.

Anonymous said...

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- Lucas