Monday, August 8, 2011

David Zabriskie, Pro Cyclist

David Zabriskie
David Zabriskie is a world-class cyclist and has participated in Le Tour de France about 6 times. This last LTdF race, he planned to cycle sustained by a vegan diet. The first cyclist to do so. I believe he did plan to consume some fish a couple of times a week if it proved necssary, but it sounds like he was making the attempt to race with a mostly vegan diet.

Of course, this post is a little behind and Le Tour de France is over and David Zabriskie crashed out with some injuries. But I thought I would bring attention to him as an athlete and his vegan diet. He eats vegan because of the improved health and performance benefits he receives.

Here is a good article from the Wall Street Journal about Zabriskie, his move to veganism, and his 2011 plan for Le Tour de France. It includes his race menu. Looking forward to seeing him try again next year.

And here is his blog where he recaps his experience on Le Tour and in his career in general. His blog posts are rather engaging, even for those of us not into cycling. And he's a big fan of superheroes and comics, which is always cool in my book.

Lastly, check out this shirt you can buy on his website.

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