Friday, July 15, 2011

Organic Nectars Cashewtopia Gelato - Pistachio Flavor

Organic Nectars' Cashewtopia Gelato is vegan and free of soy, refined sugar, gluten, and trans fats. It's made from raw organic cashews and agave nectar. I sampled the pistachio flavor and it is soooo good! Super delicioso. I love pistachio flavored ice creams, and this one is amazing. It's summer, and a perfect time for frozen desserts.

I found the Cashewtopia at the Scottsdale Whole Foods. I don't know which other locations have it, but I do know that the Tempe one doesn't...not yet, anyway. There are several other flavors to try as well; Chocolate, Vanilla Bean, Chocolate Hazelnut, Cherry Chocolate Swirl, and Mint Chocolate Swirl.

Cashewtopia Gelato- Pistachio Flavor
Ranking: *****

***** awesome! Highly recommended.
**** hey, this is pretty dang good.
*** not bad at all.
** eh.
* bad. Keep looking for alternatives.

[Organic Nectars Cashewtopia can be found at Whole Foods. The only confirmed sighting thus far is the location on Scottsdale Rd (not Raintree). Ask for it at your nearby Whole Foods and they might start carrying it too. I know the Tempe one has received several requests, add yours to the mix. This stuff is so good, you'll be glad you did!]

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