Friday, April 22, 2011

More from Earth Day Phoenix 2011

At the vegan info booth, we also had some vegan luxury handmade, eco-friendly soap samples from Strawberry Hedgehog.

Strawberry Hedgehog Pistachio Rosewater
I wish I could smell this through the computer!
I've been using soaps from Strawberry Hedgehog for months and I love them. In fact, I recently ran out and had to resort to a traditional soap bar which left my skin feeling slimey and coated with leftover soap. Ick. And it didn't smell nearly as nice as the Strawberry Hedgehog soaps do. I highly recommend these products.

You can find Strawberry Hedgehog products online, or locally in several fine establishments including Whole Foods, Inside the Bungalow, and ecocentricity. If you buy online today, be sure to check out the Earth Day Specials!


Also, a special thank you to Sapphic Graphics for providing us with the display art announcing our vegan intentions to the Earth Day Phoenix attendees. The design was simple and beautiful, with great colors.

Just plain awesome.

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Rikki Cupcake said...

yay! soap1 i had so much fun yesterday, thank you!