Monday, October 18, 2010

Peruvian Food Resources

You are probably wondering why I am so focused on Peruvian food this week. Well, the fact is that even though I hadn't had it in awhile, I love it. They use a lot of cilantro and potatoes, which are two of my favorite things. And the fact is, it's different than the food I eat most of the time. It's not one of the more common ethnic foods available, like Italian, Chinese, etc. And there is a definite difference between Mexican food, which we have in abundance here in Phoenix, and Peruvian food. And I just wanted to share the love.

Here's how you can get some vegan Peruvian food too!

1. Viva Vegan: 200 Authentic and Fabulous Recipes for Latin Food Lovers by Terry Hope Romero

This very excellent cookbook has several vegan Peruvian recipes (both traditional and inspired nuevo Latino ones), as well as some from neighboring South American countries. While I used several of the Peruvian ones, there are a couple more that I didn't make yet: Quinoa Salad with Spinach, Olives, and Roasted Peanuts, Seitan Saltado (Seitan and Potato Stir Fry), Buttery Cookies with Thick Dulce de Leche Filling (Alfajores), Quinoa-Oyster Mushroom Risotto (Quinotto), etc.

2. Bryanna Clark Grogan is a great resource for Peruvian food as she is a professional vegan chef and her father was Peruvian.

Vegan Feast Kitchen
You pretty much have to search for her Peruvian recipes. Here are a couple direct links: Caldo De "Gallina" Vegan (Vegan "Peruvian Penecillin" or "Chicken" Soup, Peruvian Green Sauce, Camote Frito.

External link to her vegan recipes for Causa, Trigo, and Northwest-Style Mazamorra Morada (Peruvian Purple Corn Pudding). And Ensalada de Quinoa.

3. Vegano Peru Blog

A blog written by a non-Peruvian journalist living in Peru dedicated to "non-Peruvians interested in veganizing this South American cuisine, and for Peruvians who want to pursue a vegan lifestyle with more comfort and guidance here." Most of the posts are in both English and Spanish.

Sample recipe: Picarones

She also has a post with tips for vegetarian and vegan travelers to Peru. Sweet!

4. Vegan Backpacker Blog

This one is for if you get the lucky chance to travel to Peru. Just search for their Peru trip and you will find some great tips as well as learn from their experiences there.

Ex. Review of El Alma Zen Cocina Organica, Lima, Peru
Would love to go to Peru, and this would definitely be one of my stops.

5. HappyCow.Net
This one lets you search for veg-friendly restaurants in Peru. But don't take Hapy Cow for gospel, sometimes it's not as updated as we would hope.

Bonus: Vegan Good Eats has a recipe for Picarones too.

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