Tuesday, August 31, 2010

It's Pomegranate Season...

Pomegranate season runs from September to February. I'm already dreaming of Fall, cooler weather, and delicious pomegranate arils.

And I want you to be prepared. Here is a super easy way to rescue those pomegranate arils from the rind inside the fresh fruits.

But in a pinch, you can find already fresh and rind-free pomegranate arils at Trader Joes and Whole Foods during pom season. I already saw some fresh ones at Trader Joes a couple of days ago. Also, Trader Joes carries bags of frozen pomegranate arils so you needn't wait for pom season afterall. The frozen bags are good to keep around for smoothies!

1 comment:

rissawrites said...

Yum. Of course making the mess was the fun part when I was a kid.

I will have to do the bountiful baskets because they usually have what is in season. I would love some pomegranate.