Monday, August 2, 2010

Fran Healy of Travis

I love the Scottish band Travis, and so I was pleasantly surprised that lead singer Fran Healy went vegetarian, and not only that, but Paul McCartney influenced Fran and his wife to make the change this past January.

Fran's got a new solo album out this October, and he's a fairly regular, and entertaining, blogger at his website. He posted his new single, Buttercups, on his's the link.

I was trying to find a video interview with Fran about vegetarianism, but couldn't. So you'll just have to read the article above, listen to his music below, and check out his blog and the general interview with him and bandmate Dougie Payne from 2007.


girl least likely to said...

i'm going to see keane on tuesday, and the openers are ingrid michaelson (love!!) and also fran healy. i don't have any travis stuff at all, but they're one of my friend's favorite bands, so she just hooked me up in preparation for the concert. this post just gave me extra goodies, yay!

Kenike said...

Fran just seems super nice and is always so jovial. :) Not to mention I like his music and his Scottish accent.

Anonymous said...

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