Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Olivia Wilde; Wilde Things

Actress Olivia Wilde was recently named 2010's Sexiest Vegetarian Celebrity by PETA and fans. She's a vegan and an activist, and she has her own website, Wilde Things, where she talks about the causes that are important to her. She's also the Co-Executive Director of Artists for Peace and Justice, a non-profit group that is currently working on helping Haiti; and she sits on the foundation board of the ACLU in Southern California.

Olivia at ComicCon 2009.

How cool is she? Plus, she's currently at Comic-Con 2010 for the upcoming Tron: Legacy movie. There are so many awesome people at Comic-Con 2010 this week, I so wish I was there!!

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Missantrhopics said...

Apparently you need to buy your con tickets a year in advance they sell out that fast.