Friday, July 2, 2010

Fashion Friday: Eco-friendly Tote Bags

Fashion Friday! For a little change of pace, today I am showcasing eco-friendly tote bags. I picked out ones that would come in handy at the farmer's market, so they are a little more practical than trendy, but still cute and with good messages.

Wonder Woman Saves the Planet. [Warner Bros.]

Herbivore. [TrashRags Etsy]

VegNewsMag. [VegNews]
(It might not be the purtiest, but it's one that I have
and I love it because it is so roomy.
And you can get it free if you order the magazine special pack.)

Pink Save the Earth. [Lanie's Creations Etsy]

Earth! [EcoZuzu Etsy]

Elvis- Love Me Tender- Go Green. [ShoeBuy]

Peace, Love, Bike. [LoftyMornings Etsy]

Peace Bird. [SunSwirlGirl Etsy]

Save the Planet Hobo. [BagLadeeze Etsy]

World Peace. [BucktoothedBunny Etsy]

Earth Flowers. [REI]

Vegan Feminist Bitch. [TheHeadShop Etsy]

Peace, Love, Recycle. [DraftCultureStudio Etsy]

Peace Sign Parade. [Monettl Etsy]

Save the Gulf! [RCtees Etsy]

Save Our Chocolate. [KristaBDesigns Etsy]

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