Friday, June 11, 2010

Fashion Friday: Peace

Fashion Friday...Peace, man.

Brown Birdy Peace [Tiny Revolutionary]

Teach peace. [indy art girl etsy]

Bright Peace. [Target]

Peace, Love. [birdy27designs etsy]

Imagine Peace [groovyongrand etsy]

Peace Pilgrim [The Head Shop Etsy]

Peace Dove. [CosmicPopsicle Etsy]

Peace Allover [isamaisa etsy]

World Peace [rctees etsy]

Minty Peace [WrenWillow Etsy]

Grey Omni Peace [Giant Peach]

Peace & Love. [Giant Peach]

Peace Tie-Dye [delia's]

Tree of Life Peace [WrenWillow Etsy]

Peace Fish [rctees etsy]

Navy Omni Peace [Giant Peach]

(Some shirts are available in unisex, men's, women's, juniors, plus sizes, and children's sizes. I only display one shirt as a representative of the style. Please see the websites for available size and style/color options.)


Virginia Valdez said...

Thanks for featuring my etsy shop. I was thrilled to see my Peace Pilgrim design in your post. Thank you :)

Kenike said...

Sure thing! Thanks for visiting! :)