Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Weird Shit

Many non-vegans think that vegan food is weird. It really isn't. Generally. It's the same food as omnivores eat, minus the animal products, and maybe combined a different way. And maybe with a few more imports from other cultures.

That said, there really is some weird vegan shit out there. A few such items.
Vegan haggis.
Stahly Vegetarian Haggis can be found at Food Fight Vegan Grocery and Pangea.

Vegan caviar made from seaweed.
You can also find Cavi-art at Food Fight Vegan Grocery and Pangea.

Vegan duck in a can. Yum.
You can find Companion Vegan Duck at Food Fight Vegan Grocery.

Ok, maybe it's just extra weird to me because I didn't eat any of these animals when I did eat meat. But now I am wondering if there are vegan snails somewhere. ::quick google search:: Yup. A recipe for Vegan Escargot A La Bourguignonne En Croute Vegan Brioche with Cafe de Paris "Butter".

Oh, and because apparently we vegans love to veganize ALL foods, there's even an animal-free version of KFC's heartstopping Double Down, the Vegan Double Down.

I think we just like the challenge.


Missantrhopics said...

omg haggis? Really? That rocked my weird-o-meter. Of all the things to make vegan... I can understand the caviar and the duck, that's not really much different than vegan chik-n-strips or vegan ground beef.

But haggis is a mix of what, offal, kidneys, fat, blood, herbs, all stuffed into a sheep's stomach. If you're the type of person who likes a good haggis, my bet is you're just not likely be going vegan anytime soon. Though apparently there's a demand...

Kenike said...

Caviar has always weirded me out though. And I never wanted to eat duck either. What's weirdest about the fake duck product, because you are right, technically it's just an analogue like the others, is that it comes in a can. I just find that amazingly humorous.

I wonder if there is vegan rabbit somewhere? I really wish we had new, different names for these vegan products. Even though I know they are faux products, I don't like the idea of using the real names of animals to refer to them. I realize there is a difference between seitan mock duck and seitan mock steak in taste and preparation, but surely we can coin some new phrases to distinguish them.

I think the demand for vegetarian haggis comes from curiosity, hoping to taste the strange haggis in a 'safe' way, and probably as gag gifts for others.

C said...

You know, I had no idea there was such a variety of Asian analogs so readily and locally available. I often visit the Asian markets in my area and had no idea they had like a whole isle devoted to them! One worker I asked told me all about it. He told me how he liked to prepare the gluten meat products and that they were even good just microwaved. Which he liked best and which other members of his family liked. For about $1 a can I'd say it's really cool if you like analogs! And these are the canned ones I am talking about to be clear. I didn't care for them much but I don't care for analogs much unless it's a sausage of some sort like soyrizo. Although I am on a huge tofu kick these days after years of being downright afraid of the stuff. :)