Saturday, May 29, 2010

Robin Brande, YA Author

VegNews recently featured local, vegan author Robin Brande on their website. Robin Brande lives in Tucson and has written two YA books, Evolution, Me and Other Freaks of Nature, and Fat Cat, with her third book, Parallelogram, in the works.
Her interview convinced me to check out her books. Some excerpts:

RB: "The young women in my novels find what it takes within themselves to become stronger, more confident, happier, better able to be who they really are, no matter who's pressuring them to be otherwise. Plus, I always throw in some romance, because science always goes better with some kissing."

[I love that quote, " always goes better with some kissing". hahaha!]

VN: Tell us about your upcoming novel, Parallelogram.
RB: It's about a high school science genius, who uses her knowledge of quantum physics and string theory to bridge the gap into the next universe over, where she meets another version of herself who is very different from how she is here. She has to figure out how to become more like that girl than her own, less-exciting self. It's all based on my own secret wish that I were Xena or someone cool like that.

If it wasn't enough that she's a vegan from Tucson who writes strong female characters, with science and kissing, her quote about Xena is what sealed the deal for me. I am definitely reading her books.

Mini Book Trailer for Evolution, Me and Other Freaks of Nature

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