Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Chill, Tempe, AZ

Chill serves gelato, ice cream, sorbet, yogurt, and features some vegan non-dairy frozen desserts as well. The first thing I noticed was a large "Vegan-Friendly" sign on the door. Always exciting to see something like that.

And it really was my day for visiting Chill. I was lucky enough to find exactly what I would have wished for...Pistachio Soy Gelato. Ecstatic! I love gelato and had been missing it somewhat. And I love pistachio-flavored frozen desserts, they're my favorite.

I can't even remember the other vegan flavor of gelato offered, because the pistachio outshone everything else. I do remember they had vegan crepes so they could make these little Opa Things, crepes filled with Fro Soy and whatever toppings you wanted. And they had vegan vanilla soy soft serve too.

The pistachio soy gelato was great...rich and creamy just as gelato should be with a definite pistachio flavor. Delish. Now I'm just worried they won't have it the next time I go, because it might have been a special flavor. It's not listed on the regular menu on their website.

But maybe they'll have a nice peanut butter soy gelato, or strawberry....oooh... The nice thing about the increasingly warmer weather, frozen desserts really hit the spot.

Ranking: ****
***** awesome! Highly recommended.
**** hey, this is pretty dang good.
*** not bad at all.
** eh.
* bad. Keep looking for alternatives.


**Update: Chill has CLOSED.**


3141 S. McClintock Suite #10
Tempe, AZ. 85282

Monday - Saturday 11AM -10PM
Sunday 11AM-9PM


Missantrhopics said...

I was just wondering about vegan ice cream the other day! Why does everything cool have to be in Tempe? Grr.

Kenike said...

Sorry! You are on the wrong side of town, my friend. Because the other great place for vegan ice cream is Green, with their Tsoynamis (think DQ Blizzard).

But, you can get some non-dairy frozen dessert pints at Frys Marketplace, Sprouts, and Whole Foods, and maybe some other stores that carry lots of vegan foods. I highly recommend the coconut milk-based non-dairy frozen desserts, like Purely Decadent Cookie Dough! And my favorite soy-based one is Purely Decadent's Turtle Trails. YUM.

Also, Tempt makes hemp-based non-dairy frozen desserts. I have not yet tried any, but there appear to be some good flavors...Mint Chip, and Coconut Lime. I believe it is sold at Sprouts and Whole Foods.

Veg-In-Training said...

OH so good to know they are there! Thanks for the info.

Kenike said...

You're welcome!