Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Ruben Studdard Goes Vegan

Another vegan story. Ruben Studdard of American Idol fame went vegetarian about two years ago, and then vegan about 6 months ago. He's lost about 100 pounds. His story, [sorta...cause she interrupts a lot!]on The Wendy Williams Show.


Felda, Jerry Seinfeld's Biggest Fan said...

What do you do to get the natural bacteria for your colon, the one that exists in yogurt? Cuz I noticed that as soon as I started eating yogurt again (after the year-long hiatus due to the quack naturopath and staying away from dairy didn't help allergies anyway) my digestion improved like 200%. I.e. I have clean dumps each morning as long as I eat yogurt.

I'm trying to make my lifestyle more animal friendly. I think it's hard to be a purist if you're on VERY limited budget like myself, plus need to look out for your own health. Though yogurt is probably the only non-vegan thing that is part of my regular diet. I've cut out milk altogether and replaced it with almond milk, don't like cheese so hardly eat it, honey's not a staple for me, and have cut back on egg consumption by like more than half. Some weeks I don't eat eggs at all if I get a chance to cook a lot of protein rich foods (Indian, Thai, Chinese). I also don't want soy to be a main source of protein so if I don't get a chance to cook a lot for a few days, I feel I owe it to my body to get protein through eggs.

Any suggestions or thoughts?

Kenike said...

For those of you who might be late to the party, I followed up on these questions with a couple of posts. The links: