Friday, March 19, 2010

Fashion Friday: Save Wildlife

Animals of the world need our help staying wild and safe. With our current pillage and plunder farming and development practices, we're destroying natural habitat at a rapid pace. This could easily be lessened if the majority of us followed plant-based diets. For more information on environmental reasons for going vegan, see Vegan Outreach.

At the same time, entertainment companies still steal wild animals from their habitats and force them to become displays and to perform and do tricks for our amusement. For more information on animals in entertainment, see The Humane Society.

For information on both, see In Defense of Animals.

And so we have more fashionable advocacy tees! (Nevermind that the first few models lost their heads to the Red Queen.)

This shirt saves elephant asses. []

Go faux for foxes. [In Defense of Animals]

Stay wild, horses! [In Defense of Animals]

Reach out. Save wildlife. [Artitude]
The ice floes on this polar bear shirt are made up of words pledging to be an ecowarrior. [Artitude]

Your conscience. [Your Conscience]
(on the sleeve: Save)

World Wildlife Fund Panda [The Giant Peach]

(Some shirts are available in unisex, men's, women's, juniors, plus sizes, and children's sizes. I only display one shirt as a representative of the style. Please see the websites for available size and style/color options.)


Anonymous said...

Great! I love these. Also, check out Happy Cow for the "you eat what?" shirts

Kenike said...

Thanks for the referral! I didn't even know they had shirts.