Saturday, March 6, 2010

Another 'Going Vegan' Experience

Planet Verge's ALL-FEMALE staff reports on "the future of music, fashion and entertainment now" and at the same time raises awareness to causes and social issues. Awesome. Most recently, one of their staff converted an indie musician to veganism.

Dylan Mandel, drummer of the band, The Lives of Famous Men,
was challenged to going vegan for 30 days by Jordana Reim of Planet Verge. While on tour, no less.

Here are the first two episodes of Dylan's video diary, 'Going Vegan'.

Follow the web series at Planet Verge.

Dylan gives a post-challenge interview to Vegan Mainstream.

Spoiler from the Interview:
Dylan Mandel: I think I’m actually going to keep going for a while, honestly. There’s something to be said about how I feel. I inadvertently lost a bunch of weight, but that wasn’t really what I was planning on happening. My skin feels smoother. I smell better. I feel lighter. The biggest thing I noticed is my attitude toward things. I just feel better…I don’t know, it’s hard to describe. I wasn’t expecting anything like it, but I’m mentally sound. I guess I just feel too good to go back to eating dairy and animals.

Double Awesome!

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